Uganda Mt Elgon A+

It is no wonder why we kept coming back to this palate pleasing and truly huggable coffee at the tasting table. With wisps of ripe sweet berries and a flicker of warm sugar cookie, this organic coffee from Uganda is meticulously roasted in order to bring about all the richness and bright complexity it has to offer.

The clean and balanced flavor profile earned this coffee the nickname The Workhorse.  Suitable as your morning brewed coffee or prepared as espresso, this is sure to be another favorite amongst our Boil Line Community.

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Coffee:  Mt Elgon A+, Organic Certified

Importer:  Mountain Harvest is passionate about producing specialty coffee and improving the lives of the farmers who grow it. Their team works closely with Arabica coffee growing families in Uganda to fulfill the potential of the coffee they grow, by committing to promoting high-quality production using ecological, climate-smart, sustainable farming practices in order to protect the environment that we all depend on.