Colombia Loro Passiflora

This coffee is a collective lot from small-scale farms located in the Sevilla, Valle Del Cauca, region of Colombia.  Sourced with the goal of making small-scale coffee production sustainable for growers today, and a stimulating vocation for young people tomorrow, we couldn’t be more excited to share this coffee with you.

The full body and dark fruit notes are at their peak when brewed in a French press.  Not sure how to use a French press?  Check out our brew guide here!

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This Colombian coffee is a product of Cedro Alto, a vertically integrated farmer collective that is challenging the traditional coffee supply chain. They provide a “direct trade” model for small farmers who would otherwise be unable to achieve it. Environmentally, Cedro Alto is busy planting native shade trees, providing financial literacy to farmers, and improving farming practices that have a positive impact on farmer’s crop, as well as their environment. Boil Line Coffee is very proud of the relationship we have with this organization, and thrilled to be a part of their progressive model.

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